Windy City Services 

Guaranteed Rate Field

Windy City has been providing Emergency Medical Services for the Chicago White Sox since 1990. We treat over 1000 guests annually. 

Cirque Du Soleil

Windy City provided EMS for the 10 week productions of OVO in the summer of 2011, KURIOS in 2015, and LUZIA in 2017. 

United Center
House of Hope

Windy City has been with the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls at the United Center since 1990.  We provide EMS for

NHL & NCAA hockey, NBA & NCAA basketball, concerts, ice shows & other various sporting events.  

Windy City has been providing EMS for The House of Hope since 2005. The Church seats 10,000 parishioners on Chicago’s south side holding weekly services.  Other events include numerous high school graduations, annual church carnival, various concerts and special holiday services.  ​


Special Events

In 2017, we expanded our clientele by providing our services to several production companies for the filming of numerous television commercials.  The commercials were shot at various studios as well as on sight locations in the Chicagoland area.